Dr Athanasios Didangelos

Athanasios is an independent research fellow at King’s College London, integrating LC-MS/MS proteomics, with advanced tissue biochemistry methodologies, cell biology and bioinformatics. His work focuses on developing and utilizing LC-MS/MS tissue proteomics and high-dimensional computational approaches to study cellular and extracellular mechanisms of tissue remodeling after central nervous system injury. 

He is specialized in: 
1) LC-MS/MS proteomics workflows; 
2) computational analysis of proteomics and transcriptomics data; 
3) LC-MS/MS-based biomarker discovery; 
4) extracellular matrix remodeling and proteolysis using proteomics; 
5) inflammation after tissue injury.

Since he completed his PhD in 2008, Athanasios has published 24 papers with contribution spanning from biochemistry and cell biology to proteomics and bioinformatics. He has received competitive grant funding, supervises undergraduate and PhD students and teaches Biochemistry. His long-term career goal is to combine proteomics, computational approaches and cell biology to identify novel bioactive targets and biomarkers of tissue remodelling after central nervous system injury

Athanasios is currently developing together with his collaborator Jure Tica a novel computational platform for the analysis of high-throughput proteomics and transcriptomics data called DiscOmics. This intelligent platform aims to change the way modern scientists deal with high-throughput proteomics and transcriptomics data. 

The platform will be published and will be available to use very soon.


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